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    5020 Series

     * Part No: WL5020-T, WL5020-T-T
     * Material: Brass
     * Thickness: 0.2mm
     * Plating: Tin plated 60u"
     * Wire Range: Suitable for AWG#23~30
     * Insulation O.D: 1.40mm (max)
     * Q’TY : 10,000 pcs/roll
     *Accepts housing: WL5020H
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Stock No. Wire Range Insulation O.D. Material Finish Q’ty/roll Select
WL5020-T AWG #26~#30 1.40mm(max) Brass Tin-Plated before press/forming 10,000pcs
WL5020-T-T AWG #26~#30 1.40mm(max) Brass Tin-Plated after press/forming 10,000pcs
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